Directors' Note

I wrote a story about 4 boys from Delhi's middle class who want to be entrepreneurs. After being stuck in 9 to 6 monotonous jobs myself for few years, I realized that lot of people including me actually want to do something on their own in lives instead of being succumbed to the slavery jobs. But it is very tough to muster the courage to follow the heart that leads to the road to uncertainty.

The middle class of India has always taught their children to stick to secure jobs and not take any risks. I wanted to create an experience of the energy and vulnerability of the youth who want to take the less traveled road in making their career choices. The kind of friendship the four protagonists share in Shuttlecock Boys also comes from my own growing up years.

With a small sum of 3,500,000 INR (35 lacs) in hand mostly through personal savings and loans from family & friends, I embarked on the journey of making my debut feature film which is synonymous to the protagonists journey in the film. We shot on more than 18 locations in just a span of 22 days in New Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida.

I decided to work with non-actors to give the film a realistic feel and also because of limited resources. The decision to shoot the film handheld was to give it a rustic feel and to capture the camaraderie of these four friends in an intimate way. Our whole crew was first timers and we all had the energy and passion to make a film.